Floating Market & Rose Garden Tour

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

This is the original floating market, located about 90 km southwest of Bangkok in Ratchaburi Province. You need to set your alarm clock for this trip; the market starts about 6am and finishes about 12 midday. Most of the tourists arrive about 9am.

The market is about 140 years old, it was created in 1866 when King Rama IV ordered the building of a 32 km canal to join the Taachin and Mae Khlong rivers, about 200 smaller canals branched off this main canal, irrigating the whole area. For over a century local farmers have grown fruit and vegetables in the fertile soil and used the canals to take their produce ladened barges to market.

Nowadays the market has become a major tourist attraction and the majority of customers are tourists not locals, although fruit, vegetables and cooked food are still sold, the market has expanded considerably to sell just about anything. The usual price of boat hire is about 600 baht per hour.

The Rose Garden

This is a beautiful tropical park beside the Tha Chin River, 30 kms. west of Bangkok. It consists of 60 acres of beautiful lawns, a small lake, tropical gardens, orchards, restaurants, children’s playground, Thai and Chinese-style buildings and the famous daily Thai Village Cultural show. The Rose Garden now grows orchids is addition to the roses which made it famous.  The entrance fee is only 200 baht.

The Thai Village Cultural Show is an unforgettable experience where over 150 performers vividly portray a fascinating cross section of Thailand’s culture, dances, ceremonies, rituals and pastimes. The 60 minute show includes exciting displays of Thai marital Arts, Thai boxing and sword fighting skills which are over 600 years old.

The show displays the  romantic and joyful rituals of the traditional Thai wedding ceremony, the graceful Fingernail Dance from North and the rhythmic Bamboo Dance.

Private Tour Details

Tour Itinerary

7.00am start

You will be picked up from your Bangkok hotel by your own private vehicle and taken the 90 minute drive past the picturesque rice paddies to Ratchaburi Province.

At the reception quay you will board the boat to take you around the floating market.

Most people spend about 2 hours at the market, then your vehicle will take you directly to the famous Rose Garden, arriving about 1:30pm in time to have lunch before the Thai Village Cultural Show starts at 2:45pm.

You will return to your hotel by about 5:30pm. This is a full day trip.


The price includes driver, car, fuel and tolls but does not include boat hire or lunch.

2 people in a private car2495 per person
3 people in a private car1660 per person
4 / 8 people in a private minibus5990 per Minibus


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