Peppermint Bike Park Bangkok

Bangkok’s Peppermint Bike Park

Bangkok’s Peppermint Bike Park layout consists of two bike paths that occasionally intersect one another. One path is paved with asphalt while the other is made mostly of wood bridges, berms, and elevated sections. Total distance of the entire paved path is only about one kilometer, but the idea is to enjoy several laps of the park while changing up the experience by alternating between the MTB course (wooden path) and the City course (paved). Both paths are better suited to mountain, recreational, and city/hybrid bikes.

One of the coolest features of the Peppermint Bike Park is the ability to ride at night. The entire park is well lit at night and evening sessions begin at 6pm and go until 10pm. The park is open to everyone.

The Peppermint Bike Park is located on Soi Yothin Phattana 3 in the Bang Kapi district of Bangkok. Parking is available in front of Peppermint Bike Park entrance. There is a Tesco Lotus Express store just across the street from the park if you forget to bring your own drinks or snacks.

The Peppermint Bike Park was made to answer the desire of passionate and challenge seeking cyclist in the urban environment with the opportunity to train and enjoy themselves. To fulfill the motto “Work hard, Play hard” the bike park was equipped with spotlights, allowing cyclist to enjoy themselves even at night. Not only is this a venue for biking, but also a place to find new friends and share your biking experiences.

The starting point for beginners

For those who wish to bike but don’t know where to start, Peppermint Bike Park is staffed with experience off-road cyclists to offer recommendation about bike selection, biking techniques, and even classes on mountain biking for beginners.

The Community for endless biking adventures

Peppermint Bike Park organizes trips for the park’s regular and experience cyclist to experience biking in the real natural environment with guidance from professional cyclist to help elevate your skills and explore the endless possibilities the biking community has to offer.
Peppermint Cycling Club

Mission statement of the Peppermint Cycling Club

  • Invite all people to cycling.
  • Promote the use of bicycles.
  • Reduce pollution and promote health.
  • Enjoy and protect nature.

Rates for members:
Day Bike – 7:00am until 5:30pm (0700-1730) 100 THB.
Night Bike – 6:00pm until 10:00pm (1800-2200) 150 THB.

Rates for non members:
Day Bike – 7:00am until 5:30pm (0700-1730) 150 THB.
Night Bike – 6:00pm until 10:00pm (1800-2200) 200 THB.

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